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RelFast is a comprehensive configuration management platform developed by Convolute.AI, the parent company. It offers a powerful set of tools and features to manage configurations, feature flags, and secrets for applications in a streamlined manner. The platform aims to simplify the process of dynamically controlling application behavior and feature rollouts without requiring code changes or redeployments.

Key Features and Functionality:

  1. Application Management: RelFast allows users to create, modify, and delete applications, providing a logical grouping of related configurations and flags.

  2. Project and Environment Segmentation: Applications can be associated with specific projects and environments, enabling role-based access control and ensuring configurations are tailored to each environment.

  3. Configuration and Feature Flag Management: Users can create and manage configurations and feature flags with different types and alternatives. Feature flags support A/B testing, canary rollouts, and seamless feature rollouts.

  4. Secure Secret Management: RelFast supports storing sensitive secrets securely by associating them with identifier keys and values, ensuring encryption and protection.

  5. Configuration Rules: Users can define conditional rules to control which configurations are served based on conditions such as tenant identifiers or country values.

  6. Recycle Bin and Restoration: Deleted configurations and applications can be restored within 30 days from the recycle bin.

  7. SDK Integration: RelFast provides a C# SDK that allows easy integration of configurations and feature flags into .NET applications, enabling dynamic configuration changes without redeployment.

  8. Permission Control: Permissions for creating, updating, and deleting configurations are managed on an environment-specific basis, ensuring proper access control.

RelFast's user-friendly web portal enables efficient management of configurations and feature flags across projects and environments. The platform's focus on ease of use, security, and dynamic control makes it a valuable tool for developers, allowing them to manage configurations and feature flags seamlessly, saving time and effort in application deployment and updates.


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